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Mario Sbardella
“For more than five months, BLM protestors trashed America’s cities.” —

On May 25, 2020, the unfortunate thing occured. George Floyd, 46, was arrested and murdered by the Minnesota police. This event set off a series of protests around the world; some peaceful, some horrifically violent and destructive. Police officers have been torched with gasoline and flames, bullets soared over the streets, and mass unrest has been the theme throughout. Now in 2021, we see a global push for defunding the police and some activists even suggest disarming officers. Derek Chauvin, the man convicted of murdering George Floyd may face charges of up to 40 years imprisonment for his death.


Mary’s shame, Joseph’s dream (Gaetano Gandolfi, 1790)

Joseph hadn’t known Mary to be pregnant with the Holy Spirit when he decided to stay with her, he just loved her and knew that she would be persecuted if she was found to be an adulteress and a fornicator. He had a heart in him to hide her away while she was pregnant, and he wanted to marry her. But like any man, Joseph had his doubts about whether he should since she would have been with someone else’s child. Even still, a part of him believed that she wasn’t lying about being virgin. …

Film Review

As one of Tarantino’s last films before signing off for retirement, Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood should have been more well-received than it was. Trotting Quentin’s usual arrangement of cowboys, Nazis, and flamethrowers, for a 3-hour movie, it was pretty much completely devoid of a story. For instance, if you didn’t know who Sharon Tate was or the Manson Family, or about the Spahn Ranch, then this may have been the most nonsensical movie Quentin ever made. …

Mario Sbardella

Canadian writer and filmmaker from Toronto, freethinker, Christian musician 🇮🇹✝︎

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